Mental Health

The world has become crazy about mental health. In fact since the Royals raised awareness of mental health issues last year, it is quite the buzz word on everyone’s lips.

So what does mental health mean to many of us?

For my part I believe for many of us it is the impact of our emotional well being on our mind and our physical health, because some of our emotional needs are not being met. (Human Givens)

You may ask what these needs are and how they could affect us? Well unmet emotional needs can cause a whole conundrum of problems within us making us feel as though we can’t cope leading us to feel anxious and stressed making us physically exhausted, irritable and angry. We may be bullied which leads us to have low self esteem and lack confidence. Loss whether it is a broken relationship or death can leave people devastated with pain, fear and a host of insecurities shackling them down in that dark place. Confusions and having no direction in life can bring about its own problems too, raising feelings of inadequacy, demotivating us. Many of these problems can make us become isolated and depressed and change itself can become scary and difficult to deal with causing resistance, upset and the list goes on and on…..

Counselling and coaching fused together can help people to work through their problems helping them to move forward with reachable personalised goals and targets.