Trauma and anxiety attacks

Recently I had the privilege of working with a client who had a traumatic experience which lead to anxiety attacks, which were experienced every time that he faced some form of confrontation.

Trauma can often lead to panic/anxiety attacks because the brain goes into survival mode. Survival mode happens when we are faced with situations where we feel threatened and unable to cope. Our brain will send out hormones to our blood stream such as cortisol and adrenalin telling our bodies to prepare to either fight the threat, or to run from the threat(Flight), or to freeze and play dead. All these are our survival instincts, and depending on who we are, we will adopt one of these strategies to survive.

However, each time we encounter an event or feeling that then makes us feel threatened our brain will immediately relate to the traumatic experience and instruct our bodies to go into survival mode.

When we are in survival mode, our digestive system will shut down, hence why we often will feel sick. We may feel tingling in our fingers or hands, and feel shaky all over, our heart may beat faster and harder and our breathing becomes shallow. All this is preparation for our bodies to do what they must to survive as our blood is directed to the main muscles needed to either fight, to take flight or to freeze.

My client was having severe anxiety attacks and they were making him feel confused and out of control. Within 3 sessions my client had managed to turn his life around, by understanding and adopting the strategies provided to help him.

This was his feedback:

With my mental health I had a lot I had ignored for many years, and coming here to these sessions, solved so much for me within weeks. It has given me a much healthier mindset and outlook on myself, which I am very grateful for.

Challenging Anxiety and Surviving

Recently I was working with a client who was suffering with anxiety in many aspects of her life. There was past life trauma which she had worked with, but was still impacting her.

Whilst we explored the clients life and started to unravel aspects to it, it became apparent that a lot of the anxiety surrounded old belief systems that the client had grown up with. some of her beliefs were outcomes of her past trauma and this impacted the way that she thought about life, and how she looked at problems.

Luckily we were able to work through some of these thought patterns and help the client to see things differently. Our work was completed and the client able to move forward, implementing new strategies and means to work through life challenges with a new perspective.

My client kindly forwarded a testimonial of our work together and has given me permission to share it with you:

“From our very first appt, Satya has challenged my thought processes and gave me strategies in order to try and change my way of thinking. By introducing those strategies, I have been able to recognise, reflect and implement change, which has led to my anxiety drastically dropping. 

Satya goes at your own pace and is flexible in terms of when appts take place. Her calming manner helps you to relax which in turn helps you to open up your mind and allows her to recognise what work need to be done. Really enjoyed our sessions and the strategies and work she has done will help me get through if I was ever to be in that situation again. Thanks for your support.”